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We are Nella and Ralph Skuban


For many years we have been working intensively on the topics of breath, body and mind and have not only taught these in thousands of lessons, but have also published them in many successful books and essays. We are enthusiastic researchers and are constantly developing our services because we incorporate both our own experience and the latest scientific findings into our work. We offer high-quality and well thought-out formats that we enjoy teaching in an undogmatic and personal way! Enjoy browsing through our pages!


Buteyko Breathing Training

How To Improve Your Breathing For Better Health and Performance in All Areas of Life

In this breathing training, which takes place in a small group, you will learn over the course of 4 weeks to develop your own healing breathing practice according to the Buteyko method. Regardless of whether you want to do the training for health reasons or because you want to learn more about this method, you will be accompanied in your individual process by Ralph.

Training in small groups, 4 dates, approx. 90 min. each


Certified Breath Instructor 

A therapeutic breathwork teacher training based on the Buteyko Method

The breath is a powerful tool for more health, well-being, focus and inner peace. At the same time, when systematically trained and used, it has great therapeutic power for various chronic illnesses such as asthma, anxiety, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep problems, states of exhaustion and much more.In this training, you will explore your own breath as well as learn how to safely and competently guide other people into a healing breathing process. The training imparts the theoretical uand practical knowledge to enable you to start your own coaching work competently and successfully.


Live online training

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Workshops and Classes

Body, Breath and Mind


Be inspired by our workshops and classes on healthy movement and breathing to find more well-being and health in your everyday life.

The workshops and regular classes on breathing and bodywork take place both as online formats (live and on-demand streaming) and live on site. We look forward to seeing you!


Body and Breath Principles

Keys to Long-Term Health of Body and Mind

Many people encounter problems in their own practice or when working with clients that seem impossible to overcome, even with a lot of time and dedication. These can be both mental and physical in nature, such as inner restlessness, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, asthma, sleep disorders and much more. The Body-and-Breath Principles create a deeper understanding of the causes of these problems and how they can be overcome. They are therefore a key to long-term health of body and mind. This training combines body and breath work in a unique way. You will receive important tools for both subject areas that you can use in  your own classes or in your work with clients.


Healing Sound Journeys

Relaxing Soundscapes and Meditations

Lots of free audio downloads await you on our Sound Journeys page. Fascinating soundscapes with interwoven brainwave entrainment for relaxation, meditation, healing and sleep. 


Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Immersion and further education with Nella and Ralph

Dive deep into the silent practices of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra - a special format that is both immersion and education. You will not only explore these practices for yourself, but also learn how to pass them on to others in your own way. In addition to plenty of practice, you will also gain an insight into the theoretical and didactic aspects of these methods.

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