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Certfied Breath Instructor
Teacher Training


"Change your breath, change your life."




The breath is a powerful tool for more health, well-being, focus and inner peace. At the same time, when systematically trained and used, it has great therapeutic power for various chronic illnesses such as asthma, anxiety, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep problems, exhaustionand much more.


In this training you will both Exploring your own breath as well learn to guide other people safely and competently into a healing breathing process.


Certfified Breath Instructor Training

Your training as a breathing instructor

Course Language: German

If you are intersted in an English course format, write an e-mail to us


  • 10 live sessions with Ralph:

  • 8 topic sessions, each approx. 2.5 to 3 hours, always during the week from 6-8.30 pm

  • 2 question-and-answer sessions, each approx. 90 minutes, always on Sundays from 10 am

  • Teaching the theory and practice of serious breathwork on the basis of scientific findings and many years of experience.

  • Buteyko method with bridging to other methods (Slow Breathing, Pranayama a.a.) functional and dysfunctional breathing, respiratory mechanics, respiratory physiology, structureu and practical implementation of your own breathing training sessions, focus workshops on special topics in breathing work (asthma, COPD, etc.).a.).

  • Extensive download portal with numerous teaching materials. 

  • Own coaching activity already possible during the training  

  • Exchange of experiences in the group and case discussions.

  • Extra Q&A sessions in which you can ask further questions in addition to the regular lessons

  • The sessions are recorded so that missed content can be easily caught up on.

  • Certificate of completion after passing the written exam and submitting a coaching report.

  • Fee: € 995.00

"A really great book, information that is different from other breathing books, expand, food for thought, my book of the year 2023.... I won't give it away again!"

"Everyone should have read this book at least once!"

"Rarely has a medical guide helped me so quickly. Thank you for this book!"

"You have to try it yourself, do the breathing "work", then you will reap the rewards in a short time - and more than you would have expected - truly incredible! A must-read for anyone who is seriously interested in breathing practice, knowledge and health."

"Even those who no longer have any hope will be amazed at how effective these methods are.
With great gratitude for a great person like Ralph Skuban, who paves the way for others with his own research and knowledge and thus helps to spread the awareness of health and regaining joie de vivre. An invaluable work for humanity!"
What format does this training take?

The breathing instructor raining takes place as an interactive online training course. Interactive means that we work together as a group and exchange ideas. This exchange concerns our own breathing practice as well as our experiences in coaching clients.


Who is this training aimed at?

  • This training is basically aimed at anyone who is seriously interested in the topic of breath wants to engage with the topic of breathing, whether for health reasons, to improve physical or mental performance or simply to achieve a greater sense of well-being.

  • This training is a valuable addition for all people working in therapy, e.g. in the fields of psychology, psychotherapye, medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy, body therapy, speech therapy and others.a.

  • Anyone who has to speak a lot for work, such as teachers (schools, universities, yoga studios, etc.), can also benefit in particular.

  • Sportspeople and athletes to optimize their performance

  • Singers and other musicians (especially wind instruments)

  • and many more.


What is the aim of the training?

This compact training course is based on the latest scientific findings and provides the theoretical andpractical knowledge needed to start your own coaching work competently and successfully. The aim is to help other people achieve greater healthand performance in all areas of life.


What topics are covered?

The core of the training is the Buteyko method, as the scientific findings on which it is based form the foundation for all forms of breathwork. In addition various slow-breathing techniques are covered in advanced modules, as well as classical breathing techniques (e.g. pranayama).

A special focus is placed on the basics of breathing such as


  • Functional and dysfunctional breathing, as well as its causes and consequences

  • Basics of breathing mechanics

  • Respiratory physiology

  • Practice-relevant key topics such as asthma, COPD, panic attacks, sleep-related breathing disorders and many more;

  • The structure and practical implementation of your own breathing training sessions are also covered.


What requirements should I bring with me?

What is important is the willingness to build up your own daily breathing practice and to invest 30-60 minutes in it (spread over the day). Your own breathing training is the basis for understanding the breathing process in practice and, building on this, for teaching others to find their way into a healing breathing process.


How much time do I need to invest?

The training comprises eight two-and-a-half-hour live online sessions, which take place during the week in the early evening. In addition, there is a daily breathing practice of 30 to 60 minutes and the keeping of a breathing diary. In addition, time is required for reading and integrating the material covered. You may also need time to work independently with your first clients during the training. (If possible, at least 1 coaching process during the training).


When can I start working with my own clients?

You can gain your own coaching experience during the training, e.g. with clients from your circle of friends or family. There is a regular exchange of experiences in the group during the online sessions.


How does the exam work?

A written examination in the form of an online multiple-choice questionnaire takes place at the end of the training. A short case description (1 DIN-A-4 page) for the first coaching process with one of your own clients is also part of the final exam. This can already be started during the training. The written examination should be submitted within 3 months of completing the training and will be certified by our academy.



  • All sessions will be recorded and made available as video streams and audio downloads.

  • All slideshows of the lessons are downloadable as PDFs so that the entire material can be studied at your leisure.

  • The training also includes access to an extensive download portal with a wide range of materials, such as audio downloads with guided breathing exercises, brainwave entrainment, publications, video streams, etc. 

  • We also recommend reading Ralph's book THE BUTEYKO METHOD before or during the training.


Fee and registration

The training fee is € 995,00. 

Course Language: German

If you are intersted in an English course format, write an e-mail to us



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