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Breath Training
with Ralph

"You should breathe gently, gently!"

Konstantin Buteyko, Ukrainian doctor


In this breathing training, which takes place in a small group, you will learn over the course of four weeks to develop your own healing breathing practice according to the Buteyko method. Regardless of whether you want to do the training for health reasons or because you want to learn more about this method, you will be accompanied in your individual process by Ralph. 

The Buteyko method
More and more people today are suffering from the consequences of breathing that has become unnatural - or dysfunctional - usually due to stress. This means that breathing is no longer physiologically optimal, loses its rhythmic, gentle balance, accelerates and, above all, intensifies. In the "Buteyko language", this is called overbreathing or overbreathing. The medical term  is chronic hyperventilation, a phenomenon that was first described medically around 140 years ago. The resulting health problems can be serious, as dysfunctional breathing disrupts the body's biochemistry and leads to numerous problems such as:
asthma, shortness of breath, COPD, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, disturbed sleep and sleep throughput, snoring and sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and burnout, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, brain fog, mental restlessness, colds, allergies, hay fever, muscle pain, tension digestive problems, flatulence, constipation, increased sensitivity to pain, sexual dysfunction and more.

All of these and many other difficulties correlate with breathing that has become unnatural. Buteyko breathing coaching with Ralph Skuban leads - systematically and individually tailored - back to healthy breathing for better health, quality of life and performance at all levels.

The online sessions not only incorporate the experience gained from many Buteyko coaching sessions, but also many years of intensive study of other breathing practices such as pranayama. Coaching is therefore also an exciting experience for yoga practitioners and teachers. You don't have to suffer from chronic problems to gain a lot from it.

This is how breathing training works


Small Groups: The sessions take place via Zoom with small groups.

Four dates:The training includes four dates of approx. 90 minutes each. Week by week, Ralph will guide you towards your individual breathing practice. .


Own practice: During the training phase, you will practice 40-60 minutes a day (spread throughout the day in multiple sessions) so that you can experience the effects of the practice and reduce distressing symptoms.


Breathing diary: In a breathing journal, you document your breathing progress, which is discussed in sessions to further build and adjust your practice.

Audio package:To complement the workout, you'll get a comprehensive audio package with guided breathing and relaxation exercises.

Personal attention:During the time of the training, you can always contact Ralph via email to address questions that arise during breathing practice.

Free aftercare: You'll also receive free follow-up support via email for two months after the training..


Fee: The group trainingg consists of four sessions, each approximately one week apart, and costs €390.00.

Cancellation: In the case of cancellations, we will always try to fill the vacancy and, if successful, will then refund all or part of the training fee. As we cannot guarantee that vacancies will be filled, the following cancellation policy applies:.


  • If you cancel your participation up to 8 weeks before Astart of training, the training fee will be refunded (minus a processing fee of 10 percent).

  • If the cancellation is made less than 8 weeks before the start of the training, 50% of the training fee is due.

  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the start of the course will not result in a refund of fees.

Course language: English 



The magic, the power, the joy of breathing together, alone and available at all times: that's what I was able to experience for myself. Working with Ralph Skuban was a real enrichment for me, which helped me a lot to master my daily challenges with greater peace of mind and body.

The breathing exercises only take a short amount of time, are easy to do and yet very effective. My positive experiences with breathing training motivate me to make it an integral part of my life - an "inner friend" who benevolently helps me to experience my life in a more stress-free and conscious way.


Jürgen R. Braun, MD | Dr. Braun's Website


How the Buteyko Method Works


Buteyko improves the oxygen supply to cells and tissues by, firstly, dilating the blood vessels and thus improving blood flow and, secondly, stimulating the red blood cells to release more of the oxygen bound to them by increasing arterial carbon dioxide. The entire body system benefits from this.


This practice not only dilates the blood vessels, but also the upper and lower airways, resulting in improved and easier breathing.


The acid-base balance normalizes and with it the functioning of all biochemical processes such as the work of enzymes and the effect of vitamins.


Buteyko improves the functioning of important receptors that regulate our sensitivity to carbon dioxide and our blood pressure.


As a result, numerous chronic symptoms subside, the quality of sleep increases and the excitability of the nervous system decreases, resulting in greater physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

Breath awareness throughout the day


Independent of the health benefits, coaching and your own practice creates a high level of breath awareness around the clock. The breath becomes an anchor that can be used again and again to positively influence unhelpful states.


Even long-time meditators gain important impulses and even better access to their own breathing from breath coaching. 


Breathing skills for teachers, therapists and other professions


Many participants in the breathing training are therapists or teachers. The breathing experience and breathing skills they gain can be wonderfully integrated into their professional work.


Building on this, you can then train to become a breathing coach and start working with clients yourself.



As an opera singer, breathing is the basis of my daily work. Despite my many years of professional experience, Buteyko breathing training with Ralph Skuban has helped me in an impressive way on stage and in everyday life and has improved my quality of life considerably!

Mathias Hausmann, opera singer

Munich State Theater | Mathias Hausmann's Website


The Book

The Buteyko Method

How to Improve Your Breathing for Better Health and Performance in All Areas of Life


"The book we need right now."


"Definitely one of the most important books on the subject of health"


"An incredibly interesting book about our breathing. So many interesting facts and tips and tricks."


"I understand many things better and more deeply, I feel strengthened in my own competence as a psychotherapist to make my clients more aware of the importance of breathing when it comes to self-management of feelings and thoughts."


"It's really fun to read and it motivates me personally to take even more care of my breathing."


"The importance, knowledge and interrelationships surrounding healthy breathing are conveyed in a great and understandable way."

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