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Body & Breath Principles
with Nella & Ralph

"Everything vibrates!"

Kabir, Indian poet and teacher of wisdom



Many people encounter problems in their own practice or when working with clients that seem impossible to overcome, even with a lot of time and dedication. These can be both mental and physical in nature, such as inner restlessness, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, asthma, sleep disorders and much more. The Body and Breath Principles create a deeper understanding of the causes of these problems and how they can be overcome. They are therefore a key to the long-term health of body and mind.


This training combines body and breath work in a unique way. You will be given important tools for both topics that you can use in your own classes or when working with clients.

Fortbildung & Retreat

Body & Breath Principles

mit Nella & Ralph

Januar 2024

29.01. bis 03.02.2024

im Haus Okelmann's

bei Hannover

Gebühr: € 990,00



Oktober 2024

07.10. bis 12.10.2024

im Haus Okelmann's

bei Hannover


Gebühr: € 990,00

ab sofort buchbar


Oktober 2025

12.10. bis 17.10.2025

im Haus Okelmann's

bei Hannover

Gebühr: € 990,00

ab sofort buchbar

What are the Body and Breath Principles about?

This is a special training format that teaches the essential principles of body and breath work in a unique combination. These principles are simple yet powerful tools for addressing health challenges in a causal way. They open up a wide range of exercise options that are fundamental both for your own practice and for working with clients.


Who is this format aimed at?

  • This course is aimed at anyone who wants to take a serious look at breathing and bodywork, whether for health reasons, to improve physical or mental performance or to achieve a greater sense of well-being.

  • This training is a valuable addition for all people working in therapy, e.g. in the fields of yoga therapy, psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and others.

  • Hobby and professional athletes can particularly benefit, as can anyone who works with their body or voice in any way



What is the format of this training?

The training lasts six days (approx. 40 hours) and takes place in various seminar houses on site. A certificate is issued after successful participation.


What requirements should I bring with me?

Previous experience in body and breath work is helpful, but not essential for participation. What is important is the willingness to engage with all topics with an open and constructive mindset.


What topics are covered?

This training course covers the theoretical and practical basics of serious breath and bodywork based on scientific findings, including


  • Bodywork according to the "Body Principles", e.g. yoga, fascia fitness, therapeutic bodywork, "free movement"

  • Different approaches to conscious breathing, such as natural breathing, buteyko, slow breathing techniques, pranayama and more

  • Functional anatomy, fascia, dealing with injuries

  • Mechanics and biochemistry of respiration

  • Determination of the individual breathing resonance frequency (the personal breathing rhythm that optimally supports the nervous system) using state-of-the-art technology

  • Biofeedback

  • Psychology and movement

  • etc.


Who are your teachers?

This format is run jointly by Nella and Ralph.


Teaching materials

  • All the slideshows we use in class can be downloaded as PDFs so that the entire material can be studied at your leisure.

  • Comprehensive audio package with guided breathing and relaxation exercises

  • In addition to the training, we also recommend reading the two books BODY PRINCIPLES by Nella and ATMEN by Ralph. 


Date, fees and registration

The training will take place at Hotel Okelmann's near Hannover. 


The cost of the training is € 990.00.


In addition, there are the costs for accommodation and meals at the hotel. The prices there vary depending on the room category. Please let us know the desired room category when you register.



In the event of cancellation, we will always endeavor to fill the vacant place and, if successful, refund the training fee in full or in part. As we cannot guarantee that vacant places will be filled, the following cancellation rules apply:


  • If participation is canceled up to 8 weeks before Athe start of training, the training fee will be refunded (minus a processing fee of10 percent). a processing fee of10 percent)..

  • If the cancellation is made less than 8 weeks before the start of the training, 50 percent of the training fee is due.

  • If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the start of the course, no refund of fees is possible.

Language: German. Are you interested in an English format?

Write us, please!

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