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Breath Coach Training



"The positive experiences with breathing training motivate me to make conscious breathing an integral part of my life, an 'inner friend' who benevolently helps me to experience my life in a more stress-free and conscious way."

Jürgen Robert Braun, MD

What People Are Saying


Mathias Hausmann

Opera singer


As an opera singer, breathing is the basis of my daily work. Despite my many years of professional experience, Buteyko breathing training with Ralf Skuban has helped me in an impressive way on stage and in everyday life and has improved my quality of life considerably!




Tina Buch

Yoga teacher, breathing coach

The breathing coach training has such wonderful added value for me, I'm totally happy.

I have tried for years to get my breathing under control, and the dire prognoses of many doctors have left me exhausted. Thanks to the Buteyko method, I realize that healing and a significant improvement in health is possible.

That makes me so infinitely happy. It means I can look to the future with confidence, the fear that always accompanies me is no longer so present. I hardly use my emergency spray any more. I'm experiencing really great progress and a better quality of life. I am deeply grateful for that. I wish everyone who also has to deal with it (asthma, etc.) to regain more joy in breathing and self-confidence in relation to the disease through the Buteyko method. That's why I'm really burning to bring this method into the world. Thank you for that.




Helge Haude

Yoga and meditation teacher, breathing coach

The breathing coach training was not only a useful addition to my yoga classes, but also showed me new ways to breathe properly, not just when teaching yoga. And I am now happy to pass on this knowledge. Thank you Ralph for such great and easy to understand lessons!



Tobias Kindle

Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, yoga therapist, mindfulness teacher and breathing coach


Buteyko breathing training achieves great things with small breathing exercises. I have hardly come across anything more effective when it comes to the body and health. In addition to the health aspects, it promotes my breathing awareness in everyday life, which allows me to recognize stress-related breathing patterns more quickly and often counteract them with just a few conscious, releasing exhalations. The gentle and reduced breathing brings me directly into a deep connection with myself, allows the mind to calm down and thus becomes a meditative state. For me, the Buteyko method is more than just breathing training; like the breath itself, it is an art of living.




Ute Mengelmann

Secretary, wellness practitioner


The decision to take part in the breathing training and breathing coach course was one of the best in my life. I noticed improvements in a very short space of time: no more night-time trips to the toilet, snoring has stopped, sleep quality has improved and I need less sleep. In addition, a great sense of inner serenity and contentment has set in.

Conny Nyhof.jpg

Conny Nyhof

Yoga teacher, breathing coach, dance and sports trainer,

Journalist & Lecturer


I have known and appreciated Ralph since my first yoga teacher training seven years ago, devouring every one of his books and using the
content for my classes, workshops and seminars. I am glad that I was able to take part in his very first breath coaching training and that I can now support others in finding healthy breathing."
Ralph has a wonderful way of teaching and passes on his knowledge in a willing, structured and clear manner. He is always open and available as a backup and sparring partner for questions or uncertainties. I can recommend this training to anyone - either to help people to breathe and live naturally and healthily as a
breath coach, or to heal, relax and stay
healthy themselves. This will certainly not be Ralph's last training course. His wealth of knowledge and experience is impressive!



Maren Brunsen (196 von ).jpg

Maren Brunsen

Yoga teacher, breathing coach


The breathing training and the subsequent breathing coach training showed me a completely new approach to my own breathing and especially my self-efficacy. At the same time, I was able to use valuable knowledge for my own teaching in Vini Yoga and am very grateful for the insights! Both the breathing training (it was great to do it myself before the training) and the breathing coach training were excellently prepared by Ralph and very clearly conveyed with great material. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."




Luisa Wipprecht

Yoga teacher & Ayurveda nutrition coach


Thank you very much for the wonderful training, the sharing of your knowledge and the sustainable methodology and didactics of your teaching.

I am delighted to have passed the exam and officially started as a breathing coach;

I am still or more and more fascinated by the subject of breathing, polyvagal theory and heart rate variability.




Stefan Herrmann

Physiotherapist & yoga teacher

As a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and amateur sportsman, I have already spent a lot of time working on breathing. However, the training with Ralph Skuban opened up a completely new perspective for me. Through the measurements and practical exercises, I was able to find out for myself what my breathing pattern was like and experience significant improvements in my quality of life on many levels in a short space of time. These experiences were supported by Ralph's great technical expertise and his ability to convey his knowledge in an appealing way. For me, Buteyko is breath fasting. We reduce the excess until the body's own intelligence restores a balance that has positive effects in all facets of being human. Thank you very much for this!




Hildegard Schmidt

Yoga teacher, breathing coach


More conscious breathing, simply incredible! Thanks to the breathing training with Ralph, my awareness of my breathing has been raised to a new level. Shortness of breath and brain fog are a thing of the past. I also find it easier to deal with stress. A clear recommendation and an enrichment for everyone.

The decision to train as a breath coach was a very enriching experience in my life. I am very grateful to be able to accompany and support other people in their processes with breathwork.




Sabrina Oberli

Graphic designer & yoga teacher


Dear Ralph, thank you for your great research and your visible passion for breathing. The knowledge and experience of breathing give me a deep satisfaction and security that carries me through my work and my everyday life every day. Your books are both inspiring and instructive for me.



Silvia Nastav.jpg

Silvia Nastav

Project manager, yoga teacher, breathing coach


Dear Ralph, thank you so much for this "life-changing" training around ATEM - I am absolutely thrilled and touched by how much and how openly you share all the content, materials and personal experiences with us. I am so grateful to be able to breathe, explore and learn with you and the great group - a great gift that will stay with me for a very long time!!!




Dr. Katja Mosenthin

High school teacher

Yoga teacher


Participating in Ralph's breathing coach training has changed my own breathing and the way I teach yoga for good. The well-founded presentation of the breathing processes and Buteyko's theory provide a theoretical basis for understanding the physical and mental processes involved in breathing. The practical exercises make it possible to experience the effects directly and sustainably. Healthy breathing can significantly improve the quality of life. I can therefore only recommend this training or participation in breathing training to anyone.

Katja's website


Martina Vögele

Yoga teacher, coach


Breath is probably one of the most underestimated tools we have at our disposal to positively influence our lives. Because it is so banal and simple at the same time - we all 'can' breathe - we often pay too little attention to breathing correctly. Ralph is currently in the process of changing this and refocusing people's awareness on this essential yet simple tool: natural breathing. His knowledge on the subject is very well-founded and he imparts a great deal of practical knowledge from his experience as a breathing coach and from numerous self-experiments. Ralph is full of enthusiasm for the subject and I looked forward to every single training lesson! Thank you Ralph.



Jürgen R. Braun, MD

Renal specialist


The magic, the power, the joy of breathing together, alone and available at all times:
that's what I was able to experience for myself. Working with Ralph Skuban was a real enrichment for me, which helped me a lot to master my daily challenges with greater peace of mind and body. The breathing exercises only take a short time, are easy to do and yet very effective. The positive experiences with the breathing training motivate me to make it a permanent part of my life - an "inner friend" who benevolently helps me to experience my life in a more stress-free and conscious way.




Gabriele Haslinger

Yoga and Feldenkrais teacher, breathing coach

If you want to know how to subtly expand your breathing & blood vessels and thus your own life horizon, Ralph Skuban is the right person for you. His enthusiasm for the magic of breathing in theory and in practice was infectious for me from the very first minute. And what I particularly appreciate about the breathing courses is the generosity with which he shares his profound knowledge. Thank you Ralph, I am delighted that our breathing paths will cross again and again!




Christine Meier

Yoga teacher, breathing coach



The breathing coaching was a complete success in my life. A milestone in my personal development. Your way of bringing the topic of breathing closer to people is wonderful and sooo interesting. The entertaining and always exciting theme evenings have enriched my life in the long term. I am deeply grateful to you for this. Breathing -  we don't actually pay any attention to this process on a daily basis. We do it, or it is done by the body, without us having to think about it. But if you expand your knowledge of the breathing process with your coaching, you will learn so many interesting things about it, such as the connections, causes and effects of incorrect breathing and possible solutions. And all this in an understandable language and coherent presentation.     

And the best thing, of course, is the personal experience you gain during training. It's time-consuming at first, because it's new, it has to establish itself, it has to be installed in your day. Once the body and mind have understood that it changes something for the better, it takes less time. Breathing now flows with the daily routine and is present. My awareness of breathing has become much more attentive and focused. I deal with my personal issues in a much more relaxed way, it fills me with a wonderful sense of peace to focus on my breathing, to come into the moment and let everything else rest. And now I am full of joy and feel overjoyed to be able to pass on the exciting topic of breathing, the knowledge I have learned and my experiences to people, to support and accompany them.




Sarah Braunstein

Head of Marketing, yoga teacher, breathing coach


"Thank you so much for this wonderful training. As a yoga teacher, the breathing coach training has given me a completely new perspective on the subject of breathing and enriched my knowledge of how to incorporate this into my yoga classes. The beneficial experience of conscious, slow breathing was really memorable and immediately noticeable. The didactic preparation of the training was very good. The online format gave me, as a new mom, the flexibility to expand my knowledge in everyday life and to do this in harmony with my family. Thank you!



Arian Peci

Energy consultant


Take a deep breath! Who hasn't heard of this relaxation technique? Ralph dispels these and other myths in his coaching sessions. I particularly liked the fact that Ralph imparts his knowledge and experience in a very matter-of-fact and calm manner. The whole thing proved to be all the more effective for me in practice: going through life more calmly without having to react to every stimulus is also linked to a functional breathing habit. This has helped me a lot.

Portrait Siegrun.jpg

Siegrun Sonnweber

Yoga teacher, breathing coach


I've been interested in breathing for a very long time. As a yoga teacher, I had already gained a lot of experience with various breathing techniques and pranayamas. When I started with the Buteyko method

started practicing, many big question marks soon arose. At the beginning of the training

With Ralph as my breathing coach, I didn't quite know how to bridge the gap between the classic Pranayamas and the new insights. Ralph's wealth of experience and his always open ear for questions, however, helped me a lot in this process. To my great joy, a much deeper and overarching understanding of the miracle of breath is now emerging. It is and remains exciting and I know that the journey is far from over Thank you for everything!!!





Franziska Frommelt

Movement and dance therapist, Yoga teacher, breathing coach


Through the breathing training and the training to become a breathing coach with Ralph, I was able to get to know my breath in a healing way. Ralph supported me step by step in my breathing process with empathy and competence. Complaints have subsided and I experience more well-being. The way I teach yoga has changed significantly thanks to the experience and expertise I have gained. I am happy to integrate my knowledge into my yoga classes. Thank you Ralph!



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